Mission Statement

For more than 20 years, Thomas J. Tabor, Jr. has listened to the people of our 8th Judicial District express their concerns with the continuous waves of crime, drug abuse, and violence.  The people of the 8th Judicial District are tired of the increasing crime rates.  Mr. Tabor is running for the 8th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge seat because he shares the constituents’ view on crime, drug abuse and violence.  In the view of the people, Mr. Tabor wants to see even-handed justice for the innocent and the accused.

If elected, Mr. Tabor will seek to improve the judicial system in the 8th Judicial District by:

  • Working with the sheriffs of the district in putting together a drug task force that will eliminate meth and illegal drug trafficking
  • Enforce protection of the innocent from local hotspots for drug activity and working with law enforcement to eliminate those hot spots
  • Working on revamping current drug rehab programs to ensure that those who enter these programs are receiving the services they need for successful completion and re-entry into our communities.
  • Ensuring that the innocent are protected and the guilty are punished appropriately for their crimes
  • Working with local law enforcement to ensure law enforcement officers and staff are protected in the course of doing their jobs.
  • Working to protect the minor children of our district from domestic abuse, drug culture, and sex trafficking
  • Working to protect all victims of crime in our 8th Judicial District
  • Providing enforcement of the law as to convicted felon violations of probation
  • Working to clean up each counties Criminal Court docket as to outstanding pending cases
  • Providing fair and unbiased judgments between the accused and the State
  • Providing equal enforcement of the law of the United States and the State of Tennessee
  • Seeking innovative solutions that may re-introduce rehabilitated criminals as productive members of society through rehabilitative justice.

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