ENDORSEMENT – Thomas J. Tabor, Jr. for Criminal Court Judge

I am not well-known, nor have I been active in the political realm.  However, having worked with Tom off and on for the past 20 years, I feel as if I have come to know him quite well.  Tom, his family, and I attend the same church and our families have spent time together outside of work over the years.  I consider Tom, and his family, friends, as well as part of my extended family.

I have known Tom for at least 20 years.  I met him when he walked in the door at the late Ben Pressnell’s office where I was working as office manager and paralegal.  He handed me his resume, which I gave to Ben and we discussed it before Ben decided to call him in for an interview.  Ben hired Tom as an associate attorney for his practice.  I worked with Tom for about three years at the Pressnell & Harrell law firm.

 I left the firm due to health issues, but remained in contact with Ben and Tom. After resolving my health issues and being able to return to the workforce, I approached Tom, who had since opened his own law practice, about a job. He hired me and I worked for him for a few months before my former spouse obtained employment in another state that required us to relocate. 

I returned to Tennessee in October 2018, returned to work for Tom in 2019, and have been in his employ since, except for a short period of time when I decided to try working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which did not work out.  I returned to work for Tom after the failure of that endeavor.

Tom is a good man who takes care of his family, his employees and his clients.  He knows the law, and strives to see that the laws of this state are fairly applied to his clients.  He seeks to ensure that every client’s rights are protected under the law and that the laws are impartially applied to each and every case he takes on, whether civil, criminal, or juvenile.

Tom has practiced law in the 8th Judicial District of Tennessee as well as surrounding counties for more than twenty years.  He has the knowledge of the law and the experience necessary to perform the job of 8th Judicial Criminal Court Judge.  He maintains impartiality while striving to see that the laws of the State of Tennessee are fairly and impartially enforced. 

The principal of the presumption of innocence is important for anyone who seeks to be a criminal court judge to remember.  Tom has always maintained this legal principal when dealing with his clients in his solo practice and I believe he will continue to do so if elected to the 8th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge seat.

That is why I am publicly endorsing Thomas J. Tabor, Jr. for 8th Judicial District Criminal Court Judge.


Kelly Ernst